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Saturday, April 29, 2017

More teachers blacklisted for telling the truth

Since I caught College Fix and TPUSA using sloppy journalism and slander to attack one professor, I figured that was just the one cockroach in the kitchen, and that I'd find more lies about professors they dislike.

Here are some candidates, right up the road in Colorado Springs: Jared Benson and Nicholas Lee. They are on it for calling Martin Luther King a socialist (which is true) and for calling the New England agitators of the 1770s terrorists (also true).

They do approach this from a pro-socialist and pro-King standpoint, which is unfortunate. And Benson strikes me as toxic just for his support of Black Power (Lee didn't go this far). But I find no evidence that either have allowed their starting-axioms to affect how they grade papers.

If Campus College Fix and TPUSA won't correct the record and take at least Dr Lee off the "watchlist", then I must conclude that TPUSA and College Fix are running an ideological blacklist.

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