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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Meanwhile, in Syria

Since our President, and his various "conservative" supporters, and the mainstream Democrats aren't bothering with Syrian Twitter - that much is now up to us "alt righters".

I gather that Assad had made a deal with some rebel groups - not ISIS - to swap civilian populations. Assad was trying to pull Shiite families out of Kafaria and Fouaa. Get this: the rebels lied.

One witness at AlRashedeen is saying the rebels waved a bag of crisps at the starving refugee children. When they got enough children close ... boom. Death toll is now at 118; 224, injured. I expect the former horrible statistic to rise.

Maytham (having thankfully changed his profile again) tweets:

Dear in #EU and #France in particular,
This is what awaits you if you continue supporting terrorism.
Today it is us, tomorrow it is you!

Horrible things do happen in war. But this attack wasn't against a police checkpoint where civilians happened to be standing around, bad as that is. This attack was against the civilians directly.

Back here in America, I notice that Trump's base has become very, very divided. In particular I hear calls to get Ivanka Trump out of the White House. For all her influence in her father's White House, which now includes emboldening Qaeda in Syria, she is still getting no love from the Left. I submit that Ivanka has done harm to Brand Trump on the Right, and that she's not bringing anything to the table from the Left. If Donald won't consider the damage she has done internationally, I hope he at least considers that she is now a political liability.

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