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Saturday, April 22, 2017

How did Hillary win Colorado?

I keep hearing how the Clinton Campaign last year totally fucked the dog in Florida and the Lakes States. No polling, no campaign-literature, poor ads, etc. This is odd for me because in my state, matters differed.

Here in Boulder County that year, I was working with the Trump / GOP campaign(s). I am not going to pretend to have had top-level access to the Colorado GOP get-out-the-vote effort. I did see, at ground-level, what the Democrats were doing.

The Boulder County Democrats had an excellent ground-game. Where I had to beg the GOP campaign for Darryl Glenn literature, the incumbent rubber-stamp Bennet had a message, that I heard even from "Republicans": hurr durr, Bennet's been a good senator for Colorado. As for the Clinton Campaign, it had a perfect pitch for the educated-female demo.

Toward the end, late September, I was given to understand that the Clinton Campaign had decided that they were done here, and so left the GOTV to the locals. Turns out that the campaign was right and they ran away with this state. As for what Clinton was doing in those other states over October, that's a topic for other people to discuss, on other blogs and books.

I am unsure how Colorado Republicans might combat the Inner Party in future elections. Reducing the Party's status allure would be my first choice.

UPDATE 6:55 PM - More from Shattered: a coalition of minorities and college-educated whites. That does sound like the campaign they ran here - which, I repeat, was a winning campaign here. But Michigan and Pennsylvania ain't Colorado. Not even North Carolina and Florida are Colorado, although there are those who think they are.

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