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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Until morale improves

On Monday I came into work to read this happy horseshit. (NOTE: I'm backdating this point to Tuesday just to, you know, plug the gaps here.)

There is nothing here to make (working) employees happier. I see no new raises, no new benefits, no new improvements to corporate culture. I don't even see any jokes. All I see is it's time we all worked happy, a trademark no less, as if to tell us in passive-aggressive fashion that I haven't been "working happy" and that it's my fault.

This looks like some consultants got together with the fundamentally unserious blowhards making up our senior management, looked up some Studies Say That studies, and from it gathered the Deep Thought that happy employees are productive employees.

This much is fair enough. I get that a corporation is foremost interested in making shareholders and the higher management happy, pleasing the peasants only as a means to that end. I am a capitalist myself, almost certainly more so than I've seen from our oh-so-PC Chairman and CEO.

The problem occurs when these internal communications become broadsides sent to the staff. The same thing happens, by the way, when Diversity becomes a department and not something organic; Diversity corporations inevitably discriminate more. Studies show that. We have here a Chairman who imagines, like Shah Darius, that he can command shiyâti by fiat.

Down (way down) at my level, it's "Message: I care" all over again. Except that the message I got is that this company doesn't.

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