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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Some strange links

Sometimes I like to see who's directing traffic hither. I'm still getting Dystopic's traffic from The Declination, for instance. (Also one "Quotulatiousness" - a site I don't know - quoting Dystopic but keeping the links.) Anyway yesterday the traffic SPIKED, to like 400something pageviews.

Today it's been quieter. I did get an interesting link from a proxy, itself - I think - directed from I don't know anything of this site. There's some SJW jargon around "#whiteask", but it might not be a thing. Whois is telling me the server is in Paris and the owner is Panamanian. As I said - no idea.

Earlier this week I was getting links from; someone had a paper there linking over here, I guess, so I'll have to find it. Also, I've been getting hits from the Attorney General's office in North Dakota. That, I don't get. I've never set foot there. And I'm not aware of any actions nor even harsh words from this blog against the fine people of that state, least of all the man in charge, who seems like a nice guy. Maybe he's a fan? If so, he should probably read here with a proxy...

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