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Saturday, March 25, 2017

So much for "pizza gate"

Alex Jones recants his claims against Comet Ping-Pong.

To get some disclosures out of the way: I've never been a Jones fan, not since he first started playing footsie with the 9/11 troofers in the Bush years, and especially not since he lost his sh!t against Michelle Malkin during the 2008 GOP implosion. I forgave his site Infowars enough to cite it over that Bundy fracas, mainly because his reportage on that was, like, right there. In the "Pizzagate" case, Jones wasn't there. The most I would allow was to keep an open mind.

First, the chief "Pizzagate" target John Podesta is in fact a creep. He is a creature who could only emerge from a political class as decadent and predatory as the DC's. I cannot put anything past someone like this, nor past his friends.

The media rebutted this, but that brings us to my next point. Sometimes when the party-directed media rallies around a claim from the Right, it's because they know the claim - if true - would damage the Left. It was very important to the media that Andrew Breitbart be discussed as (objectively) "discredited", when he wasn't. It was very important to tie "Benghazi" with Rightist conspiracy-theorising, instead of admitting it the Clinton-Kerry-Obama debacle it was. It was very important to slander #gamergate as misogynist rape-threateners.

The lesson I have learnt today is that sometimes when the media goes after a claim from the Right, the claim genuinely is bunk. "Pizzagate" being bunk really did stand to discredit Alex Jones and the nebula of tea-party sites around him. (To the extent they weren't already.)

Expect to see memes in the media on the lines of the alt-right lied Trump into office. It is now, ironically, a Republican scandal.

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