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Sunday, March 19, 2017

New buzzword: "functional rights"

We've discussed "privilege" before; a perfectly good Latinate word that professional liars have perverted into something it isn't. Now, at Foreign Policy where now more than ever the truth matters, another professional liar has offered more jargon: "functional rights".

Today's liar is one fine-looking globe-trotting masters-degreed (in East Asia, not West) blonde chick named Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian. She thinks that Jonathan Rape-Rape Brown is da kewtest (looks a good bit younger than his 39 years) and, just because it's the right thing to do, you understand, defends him - poorly, I need hardly add. In the process she smears an honest Muslim, Umar Lee, he who first raised the issue, but hey.

I don't feel like linking directly, because when I take the time to deal with lies I at least want the lies to be ancient, and besides I don't want to put up with the paywall. So here's Robert Spencer. The commenter Custos Custodum over at JW adds, Bottom line: Foreign Policy is now running interference for global SLAVERY. If that's the case DC establishment wants to make, it should make that case honestly. But anyway.

I have mine own take on this last bit:

Ideologues are seeking to marginalize Muslims by making their speech and their activism relating to their religion come at a very high price. ... In the process, they are denying Islam the same functional rights that Christianity enjoys and silencing the very people

As a matter of American law, Spencer and Brown enjoy the same rights - if rights are limited to legal rights. Bethany Double-Barrel knows this, like any SJW knows that adjective-justice isn't justice. So she employs a parallel adjective to "rights", showing that legal rights don't render sufficient social parity for her taste. The notion here is the same notion with which academics have to deal: that Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech, that someone like Spencer speaking out is not the same as someone like Brown.

I suppose the question I would ask Bethany A-E, besides what face cream does she use, is at what point can we say that any Christian may be at a similar social level to any Muslim that their functional rights are sufficiently equal that the Christian may critique an Islamic argument, over matters that one might think have already been settled in this country like, oh, slavery and forcible concubinage. Clearly Spencer having a blog and Brown having a Georgetown professorship aren't sufficient. What additional handicaps should Bethany A-E place upon Christians?

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