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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Who you are, and what you do

During the ongoing Dr Jonathan Rape Rape Brown fracas, I'm reminded of other guys in the public square with some controversial opinions, which have raised Red Flags amongst some. Like Samuel Delany.

Now, Brown is a real scholar in this field and I hasten to point out that we have no evidence that the man has committed crimes. But he keeps getting trolled into claiming that certain actions, which American law classes as crimes, weren't crimes in the first place. Likewise nobody has yet stepped forward about Delany, as far as I know. And yet... ol' Chip keeps defending his right to... do what he often writes about.

The Greek language claims a difference between paedophilia and paederasty. The former technically means you have that propensity, but doesn't imply you do anything about it. By that token, Delany is a paedophile - an outspoken one - but you can't arrest him for that. Dr Brown hasn't gone this far in airing his kinks out in public. In this narrow respect he's more like a NAMBLA apologist.

What we can say about Dr Brown is that the anti-consent parts of Islam are important to him, that he is passionate about advocating for consent to be taken out of consideration where it applies to the use of slaves. We have no evidence that Dr Brown is a rape-er.

But Dr Brown absolutely has been a rape-ist.

UPDATE 22:30 MST: It gets worse.

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