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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Volunteering for Change

Recently my place of employment, which is full of SJWs, posted a splooge about how they are rewarding those who support "community". Among the three recognised was one who volunteered at the East Bay College Fund.

Since the San Francisco Bay has been in the news lately I went looking over at the EBCF's site. I don't see any means-testing on what these "scholars" are, you know, majoring in. But I did see this, on staff: [x] believes that access to higher education is necessary to help foster social change. I also saw a lot of changing the future of Oakland.

So ECBF has no love for our civilisation as it is. ECBF is also uninterested in expanding the scope of human knowledge generally. If the EBCF spares a thought even to the future of these kids, it's secondary to "social change" and "the future". We have here another fund for social-justice-warriors.

And my employers are fine with this. Ethics First, my freckle-spotted arse.

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