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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Prohibitions which ain't

Dr Jonathan Rape Rape Brown isn't done with that chicken. He has posted a rebuttal: part apology, part humblebrag (gosh, maybe he just too scholarly!) mostly whining about li'l ol' me and about all his other detractors on the "alt right". To save his adopted religion's good name, Rape Rape Brown floats, for his example, an eighteenth-century Muslim who "abolished" slavery. Ian Morris calls shenanigans. To that, Dr Brown repeats: Abd al-Qadir Kan prohibited the slave trade and freed any slave who could recite any part of the Quran. (h/t zeca.)

If Kan's slaves were reciting the Qur'an in his presence, they'd have to explain to him how they learnt it. In Islam when the Muslim teaches the Qur'an to the mushriks, the latter are expected to weep and to confess "we believe in it; it is the truth from our Lord". The Noble Book is, after all, a text mainly of rhetoric and argument. It also proclaims that none must touch it but the purified. If the slaves did not do shahada before or immediately after their exercise in tajwid, they'd almost certainly lose their heads. Otherwise it was back to the plantation with them, sporting some fresh new scars.

Oh, and you know who else "prohibited the slave trade"? The slave states in the American South, that's who. They had an internal slave-trade going on, and those slavers didn't want the competition from the Portuguese et al. Abd al-Qadir Kan is the drunk who swears off gin just to keep hanging around his friends' place to guzzle their whisky.

When you're in the alt-right you get privy to super special secrets like this.

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