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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Black Kids v. White Town

No, this is not another dissident-right rant... as such...

Recently I heard this song at a BW3: I'm Not Gonna Teach Etc Etc The Title Is Too Long What's For Supper. It's in I guess you'd call it a subgenre of beta-male rock. Think Gotye, or that band whose concert I walked out of. For Black Kids, I noticed that the (again, ostensibly male) singer noted an earlier life as a "little girl"; Wikipedia is calling this "trans curious". Which got me thinking about this classic.

I'll explain why White Town (whose singer Jyoti Mishra is Aryan) is better than Black Kids (whose members are mixed B&W): the bending of norms is the point of White Town. Even (especially!) when it discomfits the Left: the comment about high class Marxist ways is funny because it is true. Only bored wastrels on trust-funds can afford to be professional Marxists or social-justice crusaders. Look at Ayers. Look at Soros.

It's like the Bechdel Test: some themes are so strong, that if they are in your artwork, they have to be the point of your art. (Or, if you're the Cure doing your gender-bender, it has to be a more-obvious in-joke.) Otherwise your theme is distracting your audience from the point of your art. White Town did it right. Musicians should learn from their example.

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