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Monday, January 02, 2017

Why are the Saudis still around?

John Greer runs a postmortem on his own 2016 predictions. Among what he predicted was the fall of the House of Saud. Like the collapse of the Mosul Dam and the deflation of the Obama bubbles, this gets predicted all the time and never happens.

I suspect the Sauds hold on because they're the most credible alternative to Shiism at present. They have the best Sunni Arab army east of Egypt. If the dam collapses - this looks like the year for it - that is going to be blamed on Shiite Arabs, the long-gone Baathists of Iraq, various Iranians (like the Kurds), and the pretender Caliph; again, no discredit will fall on the Sauds.

So I do not expect the Sauds to collapse just yet. The rump state of Iraq is another story.

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