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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Upload #159: the gates of hell shall not prevail

I had sura 39 floating around between suras 28 and 16 for some time here. Today I dug up Robinson and Farrin again; between them (and bayna 'Uthmani before them) they nailed 39 to directly after 38. Here's where I fleshed out the argument (mainly Farrin's): as sura 38 observes, Hell is open to everybody, from the outside; it's getting out of there that is the trick. "Interceding With God" now mentions that sura 39 speaks of wholly superfluous gates, done for the parallelism. I added another link 19>39, as well, because that's where sura 39 gets its notion of God's son.

The hard part was finding out who first used sura 39 after that. Now, I suspect 39>21. "Iconoclast".


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