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Friday, January 20, 2017

Upload #158: clearing the air

The 44 / 52 links, one of which I footnoted in "Fire From The Mountain" (on sura 52), were troubling me. I looked a little deeper and caught sura 44 in the act of alluding to sura 52, sarcastically. So that's an addition to "When The Smoke Clears".

Nicolai Sinai's article sent me to a sura 16 / sura 26 link, so, I added that to "Plots Against The Qurra'". I considered delinking "Joseph's Temptations", since it's now over in Throne such that future updates will be applied to that version. But since it is imposing itself into a modern (feminist, not Islamic) controversy I figure I should keep it around for reference (or even for feedback).

UPDATE 7:45 PM - "When The Smoke Clears" has enough content on sura 44's links that a separate project is now, finally, in order. "The New Plague".


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