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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Upload #156: fallout

I'm still struggling over sura 38. The first edition of Throne of Glass had some long discussions about it. But two years back I expelled it from the divine councils, like it were the Satan himself.

This week I've found that the first exegetes identified the sura's two litigants, who burgled David's palace, as angels. They're probably right because the litigants talk like angels, saying lâ takhaf like angels say. That means the whole litigant story is a parable... for something, dunno what yet. It's not just a bowdlerisation of the Biblical Bathsheba / Uriah mess like... well... the way modern Muslims treat it. Anyway this forced some changes to "Book of Nathan" and "Solomon's Revenge". I changed "The Scriptures of the Women" whilst I was at it, because there might be a Marwani-era reference to Q. 33:37.

Here and there among my projects I found some footnotes to sura 50, not yet incorporated into "Q for Qurra'" so I've added a 38/50 parallel and even a 23/50 parallel. But I had to backtrack in that project over which version of sura 38, if any, sura 50 was willing to cite (sura 50 surely knew our sura 38). Sura 50 only bothers with 38:1-15, and not the parts which make sura 38, sura 38.

On that new sura 52 project, "Fire from the Mountain", I wonder if the sura could be aware of Q. 28:66's objection to a conversation amongst the damned. Thanks to HarperOne's "Study Qur'an" for noting that latter verse. Further, I suspect 52:44's falling "fragments from the sky" derives from sura 34. Meanwhile over on sura 34, "What Waits Beside These Roads" has a new 17>34 link, for those celestial fragments. For both I also must thank the "Study Qur'an" - sort of. (I disagree that sura 26 is involved in either.)

"Plots Against The Qurra'" on sura 16 has taken on some Christoph Luxenberg for v. 103. Here I credit Claude Gilliot.


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