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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Upload #155: from the mountain

As promised, for over a year now: "Fire From The Mountain" on sura 52.

There is some relation to sura 44 but I did not venture in what sequence. Both suras use volcanic imagery. But as far as I know only sura 44's smoke has attracted the attention of the Hadith. Ibn Kathir didn't bring many apocalyptic hadiths to sura 52 as he did for Q. 44:10; and sura 52 does not feature in David Cook's Studies.

I think sura 52 is late, since it uses sura 37 and probably suras 21 and 32 as well. But I still place it prior to sura 70 (therefore before suras 23 etc). I make that argument as clear as I can, for now, in "The Musallun".

Two more no-longer-missing links: I have a 22>16 in "Plots Against the Qurra'" and a 41>51 in "Provision is from God".


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