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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Upload #154: to the mountain

This morning I revisited "Running", to handle a textual dispute over Q. 62:9. Then I went over my other projects, just to kill time before the Texans game. First I cleaned some obsolete assumptions out of "Embargo against the Turks", since it's been almost two years since I last looked at it. Then I took inventory of my projects' cites of sura 52. I am now compiling content for a dedicated project on that, but I'm not nearly yet done. First I need to fix a few things in the projects I already got.

"Q for Qurra" had mooted that 52>20; the project doesn't need that mooting, so I've de-mooted it.

"What Waits Beside these Roads" on sura 34 doesn't touch sura 52 but it needed a little more expansion on where it does overlap that sura. "Ararat Tax" now has that sura 23 parallels suras 34 and 52 together; I'm siding with sura 34>23 here. "Ledger of War" has another triple parallel, this time 9/20/52: here I'm siding with 52>9.


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