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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Throne of Glass down

It took eight months to do the "third" / 2016 edition of Throne of Glass, last May; it's been another eight months since then. And I've posted a lot of essays, and promoted many more to A Garden for the Poets. So - here we go again.

The fourth edition will redirect those "pdf" references to such projects as are now in A Garden, and will update its The Arabs links according to June. It'll also include "Joseph's Temptations" as a new appendix. I'm splitting the first chapter, which was getting bloated; and the 37/28 chapter, for reasons I'll divulge when I post it. And I'm tearing a decade more content out of that last chapter; basically I'm aiming to end with al-Walid's coronation, not with his death. Overall it's a more radical change than that 2016 edition was, but not as radical as the dizzying alterations through 2015.

So I'm looking at 123 pages of maintext - which is less than the 126 pages the 2016 edition had, but a bit more than that first-attempt of a second edition we had in 2015. Overall pagecount will increase, because the new appendix and the additions to other appendices more than make up for the lost three pages.

UPDATE 1/16/2016: reasons.

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