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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Throne of Glass 4e

Done! Yay. Here it is again. Beyond what has been mentioned:

Its mentions of sura 12 now take into account Michel Cuypers' work on the sura's chiasmatic structure. To appendix "sura 37's strophic structure": I have noted sura 51 as its inspiration. I look at other citations of Q. 25:74, on the making of imams: a tug-of-war between sura 28 (Sunni) and sura 32 (Umayyad) - which the Sunnis won.

As history goes I mentioned the 'ata' system of payment and pension. Here I was following Hugh Kennedy's lead. Seventh-century disputes over 'ata' as an Islamic Right were, indeed, a thing. Also added a sentence about the economic role of sugar cane. I am still quite Marxist in my historiography.

Here's what delayed me this week: I had to prove the smug tools over at Islamic Awareness WRONG about sura 27 and the Sheni Targum. Sorry, Qur'an-apologist hacks: sura 27 depends on this Zionist myth and adapts it. And you can't blame me, either. Emmanuelle Stefanidis noted it last year in that Qur'an Seminar book, mainly citing "Jacob Lassner 1993" which is probably this famous book, wholly unnoted by I.A.. But it's so much easier to tilt against Tisdall and Geiger...

All in all, I'm happy with this edition. What had been intuitions in former versions are arguments in this one.

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