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Friday, January 06, 2017

The election was HACKED!!

There's a lot of stupid to be had around the 'web on The Russian Hacking Of America. I assume the Right has already read Sharyl Attkison, but since I hadn't linked yet I'll take the time here.

At the same time, elements on the Right aren't helping their case when they describe the Wikileaks leaks as non-hacks. If people put in shitty passwords like "pastTurd" and someone guessed them, that is a hack. If people answered a phishing email and gave up the passed turds, that is a hack - file under Social Engineering. A hack is anything that gets an intruder where you don't want him.

Where to concentrate is what got hacked. Arguably even fake-news might count as Social Engineering, but I suspect the Washington Post (to name one) won't want to go there. Someone stealing the DNC's proof of skulduggery, and making that public, isn't delivering anything to the public but the truth in raw form. Very hard to make the case that this counts as hacking a whole election.

If you're a propagandist, you're not all that interested in truth in the first place. I prefer the lies I read to be less stupid, though.

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