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Friday, January 20, 2017

Seth Richardson throws a tantrum

Sorry Seth: Hillary Clinton is still not President, and will never be. Actually I'm not sorry. I felt pretty good all day.

Pretty rich to refer to the fake-news media as "scribes of the people". Maybe that's why y'all lost. Sad!

But then, Richardson doesn't spend much time around Trump supporters. Not our kind of people, dear boy. Oh look, the new Washington Post editorial is up!

- oh wait, Trump's still President in it.

[AFTERTHOUGHT: Still pondering whether our new President, whom I repeat is the President whom Richardson and I share, would be transcribed Lugal Kashadi or Sharrukashad while he's, you know, being President. The Sumerian concept of lugal - strongman - is a good one for Trump; but it doesn't map well to Semitic notions of kingship, which were more servile. Obama, now - he was one to be addressed as bêl, or malik. And then there was The Woman Who Would Be Sharrat.]

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