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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Romney was wrong about Russia

Conservatives are doing the Kinsley thing now: laughing at Democrats in 2016 for having laughed at Romney in 2012. Romney then had called for action against Russia without question, our number-one geopolitical foe.

Being missed around here is the dangerous, aggressive stupidity of Romney's 2012 foreign policy proposals. Romney wanted to get more involved in Syria as well - on behalf of al-Qaeda. This is what forced me to unendorse Romney as President (not that it mattered). Obama was right to call him on his bellicosity generally.

As for Obama's snideness, that's a more difficult decision. I don't mind laughing at my opponents' silliness, usually the Democrats' from my perspective. Not even on inconsistency, despite that BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRISY is the laziest form of analysis. Where your punditry is insta-, that's fair enough. I'll do it too on a slow day.

Obama's problem then is that his own foreign policy was so bad I didn't think he'd earned the smuggery (you'll recall I didn't vote for him either). Today the smuggery, and Die Hard macho posturing, is emanating strongest off those who think Romney was some sort of prophet. Romney wasn't, and isn't. The 2012 electorate discredited him and our nation today has no interest in re-crediting him. So most conservatives now laughing at the Democrats, likewise, haven't earned the smuggery.

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