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Monday, January 23, 2017

Public figures' children

It's a general rule that we attack the President, not their children. John Derbyshire caught heat for "hating" Chelsea Clinton back in the 1990s. YesBushCan - The Yes Men, now - had a problem with the Bush daughters. Ace now brings up two more examples: Elizabeth Lauten saying the Obama children lack "class", and now Katie Rich saying that Barron Trump will become a "homeschool shooter" whatever the hell that means.

Derb got away with it. Lauten and Rich not so much. As for the "Yes" Alinskyites - well, whatever.

Mine own position is that if Barron makes his family look bad, then you can go after him - but, mainly, after his family for not sending the proper message. (Getting busted for "underage" drinking at 19 or 20 doesn't count.)

For instance: back in July 2009 newly-elected President Obama was negotiating with the Russians. His daughter Malia chose that moment to don a nuclear-disarmament symbol, while being trailed around by Bad Ass Black Dudes, like she was a pubescent Beyonce strutting the red-carpet. That stunt disgusted me at the time, and should have disappointed the Obamas, so I commented about it at various other sites' comments, but never blogged it here (until now). Some people did blog it. But others called such comments racist and "a new low" and blah blah blah. So now, belatedly, I apologise - for not blogging it. Our national will was on display before the Bear, and Obama needed to prove himself master of his own house. And I do believe Obama listened to the critics. You'll notice that Malia became much less of a media-figure after that.

Which has been good mainly for Malia herself, because the girl still lacks a filter. Here's Malia now, showing her "class". Come to that... Chelsea Clinton, too, has "grown up" to become exactly the New Class crown-princess which Teh Derb predicted.

So I have no problem with dinging Barron in 2017 if he does something as dangerous and obnoxious as what Malia did in 2009. Rich's problem is that Barron has not given cause. If he does give cause, I might get around to saying something. I might even be brave enough to say it here.

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