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Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK in two sentences

Martin Luther King to Alex Haley, 1965, in the former's favourite magazine Playboy: Even so, he is not pressing for revenge, or for conquest, or to gain spoils, or to enslave, or even to marry the sisters of those who have injured him. ... All of America’s wealth today could not adequately compensate its Negroes for his centuries of exploitation and humiliation. (h/t)

The man showed up to the bargaining-table and declared his right to all you have today, and to indefinite amount in future. And when asked when the looting and hectoring would end he said, when he feels like it. For his claim that "the Negro" is not pressing for revenge: maybe not, but all this talk of "justice" shows that MLK at least was out to get his own back. For his disavowal of seeking to enslave: I'll just say that there exists a word, in English, for someone with a legal right to all your possessions and to the fruits of your labour ongoing at his will. That word is "master".

Americans were fools to think they could treat with such a man.

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