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Sunday, January 15, 2017

John Lewis was not, and is not, for civil-rights

The official mantra on John Lewis, liar, is that he might be an anti-white and anti-American scumbag now, but he was a Civil Rights Icon from the days of his youth. The media repeats "Civil Rights Icon" for him like they repeat "Dreamer" for a criminal invader into this country, or "Refugee" for an Islamic invader into Europe.

To be for civil rights, to my mind, you have to support civil rights for everybody, including for white people. Lewis's record on that is poor. To be an Icon for a cause you must actually risk something for that cause. Lewis did that for black civil rights, which makes him brave in supporting his own people. There's something to admire in that. But that something is not principle.

Telling us over and over again that Lewis was a civil rights hero doesn't make him a civil rights hero. It just tarnishes the brand of "civil rights" itself in this country. Among the black population here it's already been used as a hustle too often by too many, and I do not exempt You Know Who.

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