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Sunday, January 22, 2017

If female, beware pro-choice profs

When I was at Rice, the Thresher student-newspaper occasionally argued for or against abortion-rights. It was pretty damn Left over 1992-4, but especially after the 1994 election the campus political-class grew up - the paper even endorsed Dole in 1996, my last semester there. Anyway, at some points a professor would write in.

One prof I remember writing, described the pro-life position: How medieval. And recently I've been mulling over a recent scholar-satirist, now unfortunately collecting a lot of bookmarks, who characterises the pro-life position as nothing but to tell the women of the land what to do with their bodies. This is a gross misrepresentation of the pro-life position, to the brink of being a lie, which raises its own ethical red-flags about its author, but never mind that for now. That straw-foetus does imply a philosophically-consistent antithesis. Around these parts we call that antithesis the Sovereignty Position, a.k.a. the right of Medea.

I've mentioned the ethical problems inherent in abortion before. Here's another one. Consider a man in a position of authority over postadolescent females, neither girls nor women, still on their parents' health-plan. Such a man has some interest in flattering these girls as sovereign. He has some interest in leading their minds toward consequence-free sexual activity.

If your outspokenly pro-choice prof is at least decent-looking, fucking your way to a better GPA could work out well for you. Hell, bring a friend. Just wear protection, and don't brag about it (your university may or may not care about ethics, and not all your classmates will approve). And certainly don't mistake what you just did for an education.

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