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Monday, January 30, 2017

Glad I never joined IQSA

IQSA gets political.

IQSA are wrong, of course. Nobody has issued a "Muslim ban". This is a temporary restriction on entry mainly from countries already on a well-deserved watchlist. Let's not get into the weeds over whether Obama did or did not do the same. (Spoiler: Obama mostly did, and now his flacks are pretending he didn't. And The National Laughingstock claiming "there is no threat!", when tempers are this high, rates at least one counter-Pinocchio.) The issue here is whether Trump is right to enact this ban. I happen to think he is, whatever the wets at NR think.

At the very least this is an arguable point. IQSA taking this premature and pointless stand is a further decline in that association's values. There was already a visible trend toward Islamic-apologetic in the last conference.

As for the individual signatories: I notice that Dr Fred Donner signed onto this latest list. Donner is on record supporting boycotts of academics from countries he disapproves. How's this different? And then there's Dr Gabriel Said Reynolds: who, whatever his virtues as a scholar, has been known to retweet Hizbollah propaganda straight from Nasrallah. So, take these opinionators' opinions on politics with a dose of sodium-chloride.

UPDATE 9/23/2017: Patterns.

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