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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cuck huntin' season

It's coming up to Michael Martin Luther Junior's birthday again, sure as Groundhog Day, and that means we can expect the usual crew of uninformed white Conservatives whining about how modern blacks aren't nice anymore, like MLK was nice. Whaah, whaah, muh dream. And hey, MLK doesn't disagree!

Mainly because he's dead. But still.

If MLK weren't dead, or if these uninformed white Conservative whiners ever bothered to read MLK's stuff (leaving alone to what degree it even was his stuff), the Cons would... probably keep trying to con us.

For the rest of us, try keeping up with his voice against resisting the repeated Communist subversions and invasions of South Vietnam. Or his strikes for socialism at home - Lyndon Johnson, to him, wasn't nearly going far enough. Or his support for a strike by Memphis garbage-workers. Or how incubators of jihad treat him as a latter-day Muhammad.

I've mentioned Where Do We Go From Here seven fucking years ago here. Apparently that didn't help so let's try another one: The Radical King edited by Cornel West. Here you'll read how King recommended picketing shops in cities which weren't hiring "enough" blacks even if the shops weren't located in black parts of town, or if blacks with clean records weren't thick on the ground. The picket would, you see, cause drama, making the (white) customers of the "racist" store worry they would be recognised elsewhere. All that affirmative-action done by Big Business that downscale whites and ideological Conservatives don't like? Yep - all that's on King. And on the white chickensh!ts who knuckled under to him.

Besides the gaping ignorance and complacency, invoking a person's memory when he's safely demised is just cowardly. And why bother in the first place? You know King would never have spoken out on your behalf. His true followers sure don't.

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