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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Candida Moss versus Cyril

Today I find at Yahoo the nicely alliterative "The Monster Who Gave Us ‘Mother of God’". This looks like it's been bowdlerised at its source: "The Villain Who Gave Us ‘Mother of God’". The article is by Candida Moss. The villainous monster el guapo of her topic is Cyril of Alexandria.

Moss approached my notice when she wrote The Myth of Persecution, which could have been good, but ended with a disparaging summary of modern-day Christians' claims of persecution. This, at a time when the US and state governments were in fact seeking out Christian businesses to destroy. This, at a time of ISIS. Here too, when you get past the clickbait, Moss takes time to burnish her credentials: philosophically speaking [the theotokos formula i]s the only way for the incarnation to work and full disclosure: I'm a Mary loving Roman Catholic myself. There's even a mention of a #fakenews martyrdom in here, Ammonius': calling back to the theme of her book. So Moss is still playing concern-troll, the go-to girl for an anti-Christian media which needs a scholar to undermine the Church through its history.

I would disclose here, also, that I can think of at least one way to get the incarnation to work, besides reciting the Ave Maria as mantra: Mary is the temporary vessel of God's hypostatic Word made incarnate. Let us bury the crude "Mother of God" label with the Eutychian monophysites.

Having laid out my own disclosures, I must admit that the article in question is... good. The great Protestant historians diagnosed Cyril a rabble-rousing cynic, and nothing new has emerged that will change any minds. I would add to that, that Cyril himself wasn't a Eutychian, and was an early supporter of the "filioque" separation of God from Christ. In "theotokos" as in all things Cyril didn't believe what he preached.

So given all that, why is Moss still publicly supporting "theotokos"?

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