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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Black friends: Blackish says you don't have 'em

I saw this Blackish trailer last night, watching that game which delayed my latest upload. I didn't comment on it because, hey, better things to do. But it's today becoming a thing. Because it's today running in a New York market, not just Oakland/Houston what are like, where are these cities anyway. So now it's on Drudge.

First I'll point out that the black private-sector working class does exist, although it's not as large as anyone would like. The males in that class, also, had some Trump voters amongst them. Especially in places where illegal invaders are pushing them out of work, places like... Oakland and Houston.

The mainstream media believes it important to remind everyone that these men are traitors. It's even more important to remind everyone that for whites to vote Trump is Racist. So, here is Blackish to blaxplain things. Hey, it got everyone's attention - it'll probably double the viewership in those big urban media markets.

The conclusion, for watchers of that show, is that friendship with blacks is contingent on submitting to their political authority. To be even blunter those blacks don't got white friends, they got white mawâlî.

For an illustration on how the black middle class is affected by this treatment of Trump's base, here.

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