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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


"Religious leaders" are now condemning the American President for preserving America.

Like the Episcopalians, who supported a terrorist group which tried to assassinate an earlier American President. This church you'll remember was founded by a murderous cad.

Like the Extremely Reform Jews, apostates to their own faith and corruptors of others'.

Like the politically-active black churches, who gave us Jeremiah Wright.

Like the National Council of Churches, descendents of the Federal Council of Churches. These were founders of New-Left Communism as much as Marx was.

And - above all - like CAIR, the Muslim-Brotherhood's sinn-fein here.

These are not spiritual entities and their beliefs are in any case false. They deserve no protection from Federal or State law. To borrow a slogan from the atheists, these should be taxed like every other business.

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