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Saturday, January 28, 2017

'Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr and the Mahdi, yet again

Mehdy Shaddel agrees with Wilferd Madelung: Umm Salama's Mahdi from the Hijaz is a (failed) propagandic apocalypse supporting Ibn al-Zubayr.

Shaddel concentrates on the Hishām Dastuwai transmission at the expense of the (several) others preserved. Hishām is the fullest, but I've questioned whether it is original (appendix in House of War). The Cooks David and Michael have both flagged Hishām's huwa kārih note - that this mahdi was unwilling - that it cannot apply to the Zubayrids. David Cook noted huwa kārih applies better to the Hasani nafs al-afaya, Muhammad, who rebelled in 762 CE. And it's not even a thing in al-Qattan's version.

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