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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Upload #151 - taking heed

I've a new 21>50 link for "Q for Qurra". But really the big winner is sura 19: that link led to how sura 21, as a whole, riffed on Q. 19:39. The latter verse is in vv. 34-40, in turn sometimes considered an interpolation into sura 19. If so it is an early interpolation. So "The Iconoclast" has been improved... again.

Also I have made extensive changes to "What Waits Beside These Roads" on sura 34. It hadn't taken into account this year's edition of The Arabs so the page-refs were offset, now fixed. I have new 14>34 and 7>34 links, actually old ones I dredged out of the geniza. And there is something connecting suras 13 and 34, because they are together in several codices, or else omitted together in the case of 'Ali. I don't know what connects 13 and 34 directly - indirectly House of War predicts 13>41>34 and/or 13>22>34 - but I can still mention this connection.

Last and, well, least: in Nöldeke I found a third "codex" which "accidentally" omitted sura 69 so - "Blasting the Sultan" is tweaked. But only by a footnote.


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