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Monday, December 26, 2016

Upload #150 - the Judgemental Trump

This time I did wish to leave the house, to ski, but yesterday I couldn't because of the high winds. That left me at home today with naught to do. Instead I gave another one of my backlogged projects a go, "Q for Qurra'". Such a project wasn't practical before I'd dealt with sura 43, "Defending Jesus" (also tweaked, mainly to bring in a late-first-century witness), but it's recently become so. At least enough for a placeholder.

I'd held off on some other changes that I'd accomplished last week. Some of the stuff I was reading about Syriac astrology has added to "Caesarea"; and I found Wadd used as a personal-name in Tayma, so that helped "Yemen" on sura 71. Too minor to merit their own upload though.

What else... um... found a reference to a codex that lacked sura 61: "In Ranks". Found sura 33's dependence on sura 70 (if not sura 23): "Book of the Women". Found a reference to suras 14 and 26 together, for sura 39 as well as for 50: "Interceding with God". Finetuned the abstracts for "Iconoclast" and "Solomon's Revenge".


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