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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Upload #148 - shaping clay

I picked up Whitney Bodman's Poetics of Iblis again. I hadn't been able to make use of it before, when I bought it in 2011; I have always disputed its positioning of sura 38 prior to suras 20, 7, and 2. But this year, I have turned "Solomon's Revenge" into a defence of sura 38's traditional structure. Bodman has proved of use to this project. I am glad I didn't just throw out his book.

I also have continued to impose order on "The Iconoclast". The key to sura 21 is the prophet as non-believer, namely a nonbeliever in icons and the Cross.

"Defending Jesus" about sura 43 emphasises how it was defending, mainly, against Muslims, perhaps extremists selectively quoting sura 21.

Lastly "The Book of Nathan" has been fixed up a bit.


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