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Monday, December 05, 2016

Upload #147 - temptation waits

Whilst we're waiting to see Anthony and Bronson's final paper, I have a response to that draught that accidentally got posted this morning: "Joseph's Temptations". Might be the quickest turnaround time of any project here...

Also, it alerted me to another point where sura 66 was probably alluding to Q. 5:87-9. "The Prophet's Excuse". Just the link, though; I'm still as confused as anyone else as to what sura 66 was talking about.

One thing I can say: the main branch of the Marwanids were deathly afraid of 'Umar II. That's why their boy Zuhri put out at least one hadith, to discredit use of sura 12.


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