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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Upload #146 - bonfire of vanities

"The Iconoclast" has gotten bloated and confused over the past years since I first raised it here. I had mis/underestimated sura 21's impact in Islam - this had to be delicately uncovered, over years, the same years I was struggling with "Hearing Hell's Roar" on sura 19's impact. That explains why the thing has taken on so many "fixes" and "updates".

I have now given focus to that project. Its appendix, on sura 21's immediate impact in Islamic(ate) culture, is now a "new" project, "The Most Ambitious Sura". The term "Islamicate" has been percolating around scholarship over the past few years, intruding into perennial questions of "What Is Islam, Anyway?"; but it's now become a hot topic, thanks to the late Shahab Ahmed.

You'll notice, or maybe not, that I have excised from either project the wandering reference to the Umar / Leo Correspondence. Even if we assume it's authentic as a snapshot to 'Umar II's Islam, which many scholars won't, it would have to go to the impact project "The Most Ambitious Sura", and even there only negatively - that sura 21 (with sura 37!) - was not yet being cited. But, at least sura 37 was definitely around as of 100 AH; nobody denies this, not even me. So that part has been dumped in the Geniza.

In the meanwhile I have sniffed out a musty musk of Old Project steaming off of "One Sura against the Jihad". That one's roots were in 2003: after I was looking at the 19 / 21 / 23 links on Jesus, I moved on to other links, and when Abraham came up sura 29 came up. So there was a reference to Genesis Rabbah directly which, a few years later, I would nuance in "Abraham and the Heavens". So I have now linked that as it deserves.


APPENDIX 12:45 PM - Although this week I have a general sura 21 aftermath project, and a more focused project on one particular sura 19 aftermath; I cannot, in this manner, focus "Abraham's Promise". This remains a messy mix of reactions to Q. 19:41-50 (in suras 9 and 60) and reactions to Q. 19:1-40 (in suras 21, 23, and 43). Not much I can do about this yet.

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