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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Upload #145 - warmup

Among my projects in the early years I'd been figuring out sura 19's aftermath in other suras. I'd long known the qurra' had a problem with it, from "Abraham's Promise" (2003, believe it or not!). In 30 January 2011 (yay records!), I stumbled into another sura 19 controversy, the Sam Shamoun debate over whether Muslims are going to Hell. So I wrote an essay about it.

Or not. That essay never gelled, and I also couldn't see where it helped any other projects here. Later I did something about relevant sura 66 - "The Prophet's Excuse" - but that was a Dog That Did Not Bark argument, never a strong one. So the Word document just lingered for almost six years, migrating from laptop to PC to this PC.

That very year, Christopher Melchert was writing an article about Islamic piety citing two (actually three) hadiths that Shamoun had also cited. But this was in a journal I'd not looked much at, as it happens the Royal Society's. So I first saw this article last November.

I have found my way forward. First: give the chains of transmission, which neither Shamoun nor Melchert had done, itself a work with some value-addition. Based on that, note how sura 19 was used, and debated, in the early 'Abbâsid era with an eye to the Marwânids. Further, shed a ray of light on how Ibn Ishaq when seeking stories about Mecca bypassed the Zuhri tradition and went straight to the Zubayrid family.

So, new project: "Hearing Hell's Roar". With a small tweak to "The Prophet's Excuse".

In the meantime, I've run across some 21/23 juxtapositions in the codices of Ibn Mas'ud (sort of) and, more definitively, of Ibn 'Abbas. "Ararat Tax".


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