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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The main culprit in ISIS

The Saudis have delivered a statistic: 2093 subjects of the Crown are fighting Wahhabist jihad, of which 1540 are doing that in Syria. But only five in Iraq. Michael van der Galien tees off, delivering the usual screed on how Saudi Arabia is "the main culprit" for "jihadism".

This is at PJM, under whom Stephen Green usually supports the Saudis oh, excuse me, the "Syrian resistance". Also I agree that Saudi-sponsored propaganda is what's created the ISIS monster. So I suppose I have to take this seriously.

I will grant that the five Saudi subjects in Iraq are now, indeed, the Caliph's subjects. But ISIS territory in Iraq is large and includes major cities like Mosul. So five in Iraq implies only another, what, ten in Syria. The vast majority are fighting with Nusra / Qaeda, which isn't good, but at least isn't ISIS.

The Saudis could be underreporting. But if we were to look at which country's citizens are directly involving themselves in jihad activity in Syria, it really doesn't look like we should be looking at the Saudis' Arabia. We should be looking at Tunisia. And they're mostly going with the Caliph at that. It's not like this is news.

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