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Friday, December 02, 2016

The hypostatic Word in Islam

John of Damascus correctly diagnosed the Umayyad faith as extremely Monophysitic, but Islam has changed since then. In Islam today, the Qur'an functions as hypostatic Word preeternal with God. Bar Salibi does as well as any Christian in explaining this, and in explaining why if we’re to have a single God at all He must have a hypostatic Word. In this way he refuted the dying gasp of the Umayyad theology, the Mutazila.

A mimeticist could add that in Islam, the Qur’an as coeternal with al-Jabbar in heaven ensures that the law can exist independently of the sultan on earth. The history of certain Islamic legal schools, Awza'ism in particular, is the history of how far armed Muslims in borderland could push those limits.

Bar Salibi’s issue is that for the Word Come To Earth, the Qur’an is simply not a good candidate. It doesn’t work as law on earth, and in heaven it makes God into a clumsy Arab brute.

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