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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The continent Parias

Recently brought to our attention is the Martin Waldseemüller map, which is the map which named America. Specifically, Waldseemüller named the New World's equatorial continent, "America". He had a different name for the northern continent, focusing on Mesoamerica. That was "Parias". Here is the relevant sector.

As a 1507 creation, note that this predates the Spanish Conquest. But contact had been made with Parians, namely the (Yucatec) Maya. There were even bilinguals running about by then.

Waldseemüller is not well known north of Panama. But I've spoken with some visiting citizens of Colombia, back in the middle 1990s. They didn't like that everyone called citizens of the USA "Americans"; they thought they were American, and we who hopped over from England or Algeria or wherever in the past few years and landed in El Norte weren't. I never heard this sentiment even from Mexicans or Canadians; just from people from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina et al.. So I suspect this map's better known in the equatorial continent.

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