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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The alt-right answer to Rogue One

On topic of Disney's new franchise Kyle Smith, on whites' behalf, asks a salient question: If the rebels are some sort of coalition of minorities, women, and sarcastic robots, specifically opposed to white supremacy, why did they subsequently turn to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo to lead them? To that list we should add Bail Organa.

The alt-right has an answer: it's the same reason Detroit turned to Mike Duggan to lead them. They'd describe the reason thus: non-whites, women, and sarcastic robots - read, hipsters - cannot run a society, at least not for very long, and certainly not well. There is therefore an implicit sequel to Rogue One: the ragtag factions of the Rebellion lose, over and over again. The alt-right can even suggest an in-universe reason for the rebels' ongoing failures. Their problem is the problem of the Republic before them. The same factions were around back then, bickering amongst themselves.

As an aside, I submit that by the time Emperor Palpatine had finished the first Death Star, "The Rebellion" was not one rebellion but many. It was in Mon Mothma's interest as much as it was in Palpatine's to pretend otherwise. Although Abrams is too much the Left hack to write this in, the First Order of SW7 could well have its own roots in a Rebellion faction. Think ISIS, or - better - states like Oregon in the US which fought the South to keep blacks out. If this sounds like I'm ripping off the backstory of The Ur Quan Masters then, well... I guess I am.

For all the new Star Wars' pretensions on being Woke, it sure serves up a lot of blue pills. But now I've mixed my third SF metaphor so I'm done here.

PS. to Alan Tudyk: Shame on you.

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