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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sam Harris, pwned

This week Spencer and Loonwatch agree: Sam Harris is useless.

UPDATE 12/18: Harris's response. I detect cognitive dissonance here: Regarding Clinton’s public statements about Islam, and the money her foundation took from Islamist theocrats, I’m not aware of anyone who has criticized her more pointedly than I have.

I can think of several anyones - not least the Clinton Cash anyones who parlayed their book into a documentary and then a freakin' graphic novel. I can think of several more who criticised the Clintons and went on to vote for an opponent on that ballot, which would at least be consistent. I'm not even saying Harris should have voted for Trump, in this instance - just not for Hillary. So this comment of his is bluster.

This means Harris isn't feeling secure. I suspect a part of Harris knows he was wrong.

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