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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Romania: as bad as we are

Several facepalm moments here.

Let me get this straight: in order, the Social Democrats in this mostly-Latin country have: corrupted their country to the point 64 citizens got incinerated at a nightclub; lost an election; got its leader (Liviu Dragnea) convicted of a felony; promised a load of FREE SHIT (hey, we'll cut all y'all in on the vig!); got re-elected; selected a Turk (Shhaideh) married to a Hizbullard.

President Klaus Werner Iohannis (at least half German himself) has now ruled Shhaideh out of bounds.

Now, this Turk is almost certainly not an Erdogan groupie, but still. She's going to put in a day's work of handling state secrets, including those involving terror-cells, and go to a home where hubby is chatting with his pals in Damascus. A great head-tilting welcome for Lebanese and Yemeni Shi'ite "child refugees" would be certain. The head of state really had no choice if he cared anything for Romania.

However did Romanian voters get so bent? Oh wait... I lived in central Parias Murrica in 2008.

UPDATE: Another Latin basketcase.

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