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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Robert Spencer attends IQSA

At IQSA, they had a talk about religious violence in the Qur'an. Kermit Zarley took notes. Alongside that, please read the notes I took, which I believe are more comprehensive. Robert Spencer has responded to Zarley.

I have to agree with Reuven Firestone (and with Spencer): that the talk was too apologetic. I think it was because the talk was too unfocused. A state has to be violent, because a state is by definition a Monopoly On Force. (Heinlein, yo; or at least Hobbes.) Several suras promote state creation. The family counts as a micro-state too.

So the panel's question "is the Qur'an violent" was stupid. Of course the Qur'an supports violence. Answering that question is a waste of time. You should ask other questions, like "is the Qur'an correct".

For instance: don't, like Farrin, claim that Q. 4:34 limits wife-beating; and don't, like Khalid Blankinship, bring up classical "ex"-egesis (eisegesis in fact) that poses such limits. Get out there and argue why the right to beat your wife makes for a happier family.

If you haven't the courage to defend your Oyarsa for what he has commanded, you should find another Oyarsa.

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