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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Propaganda war

Transnational progressives attempted to fake-news the head of the Clinton Foundation into high office. The Russians got involved too, but only with quiet moral support from what I saw. The higher-ups in the CIA took the former side, but not all of them. The FBI possibly took the latter.

Meanwhile, here's Peter Turchin, telling us that US social-capital was heading to 1856 levels as of November.

This is an interesting time, then, for elements of the media to go fake more news. By which I mean, treasonous.

Look, people; I got into some pretty awful flamewars back in 2008 and 2009 because I would NOT accept the nirther-nonsense, unfortunately popular in the "Tea Party" Right. I was clearly dealing with some unhinged paranoiacs out there. So I feel like I have some moral standing to tell the media this:

Knock it the fuck off.

This is NOT a game. This is questioning, under false pretenses, the peaceful and lawful transition of power. This is what you do to whip up violent anger in mobs.

It doesn't end well. Look at Syria. Look at Bosnia. And then look around your neighbourhood. Social capital takes centuries to build up and you would destroy it in a month.

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