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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Matt Damon against the SJWs

Matt Damon, who isn't very bright, has signed up for yet another movie pandering to a foreign audience. This time it's China - again. (At least it's not Abu Dhabi.)

Apparently he didn't pander enough because the social-justice drug pushers have gone for some clickbait at his expense. Damon is playing someone who should be Chinese, they say. WHITEWASHING!

While I am as happy as the next Rightist to watch that thoroughly corrupt buffoon face a SJW twitter-mob, the autist in me is forced to agree with him that "whitewashing" isn't the appropriate term. The Chinese regime wants foreigners to visit the place (and to invest there), and the largest pile of non-Chinese cash is in the hands of Europeans at present. This movie is a Great-Wall-sized commercial for authoritarian China. Damon is right: the lead role was meant all along for a Western action star.

If there be racism here, try this on: Damon is doing a White Monkey Job.

UPDATE 12/15: man, it sucks to be right all the time.

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