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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Israel against Christendom

The President of the Jewish State: we do not turn the other cheek. (h/t, CBD @ Ace.) The immediate audience is New Zealand, an Anglican state, which wants Israel to go the way of the last state named Israel.

Christian dogma preaches the repeal and replacement of the Jewish religious canon. This dogma in Christian-run communities provides the theological justification for whatever anti-Semitic action the local nationalists can't yet justify doing on their own. Christianity is little different from Islam in this regard, in fact underlays the antiJewish polemic in the Qur'an itself. Hence, Gabriel Reynolds' retweets (there's always something: lately, Nasrallah calling for Arabs to support murderous Palestinian terrorists; promoting politicising football; calling to defund Israel); to the extent that one debates the Qur'an, it's not for its anti-Judaism. And credit Nasrallah with this much: he knows that most of the money going to Palestinian criminals isn't coming from Sunni Muslims these days. A lot of that money is coming from Christian charities. Jews can appreciate Christian support, where it exists; but they may never rely upon Christians.

As doctrine goes the Jew knows that turn the other cheek on its face is suicide, and that even Christians explain it away where convenient. For the Jew Christianity has nothing to offer; except as a foil, as an impetus to practice more careful Judaism than was practiced under Tiberius.

But Christianity does have something to offer - Christianity itself!, some may respond. If the Jew did accept it, he would now have to worry about a Christian inquisitor wondering how sincere he was. Then, if he himself evaded Torquemada, he must now admit his people had been in error for millennia. So would his fellow marranos. Several Praying Indian tribes in the New World did not survive conversion long; do please read or at least watch Black Robe.

To some people, Netanyahu, Ben Ari, and Israel might seem like diplomatic idiots for emphasising Judaism's essential incompatibility with Christianity. I wonder, though, if their plan is precisely that: to shred that insufferable sanctimony from Western Christian critics.

UPDATE 1/2/2017: the Vatican shelters terrorists.

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