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Friday, December 23, 2016

I'm not with them

Today I went to the web-portal of that contracting firm which employs me and sends me to work sites. They had a message from the Human Resources drone: hooray, well done us, for being so friendly to QWERTY, we're positively rated by the (so-called) "Human Rights Campaign". This carries on our founder's legacy of commitment to civil rights and fairness and blah blah.

You can read the report at this pdf. You can also go to the Huffington Post article.

It is perhaps possible, somewhere in corporate America, to find a Personnel / Human Resources manager who is actually working for the corporation paying her wage. Not so for the corporation I'm at, though. Our HR lady is a political officer. She's working for the Democratic Party. She's a mole.

Overall, I need to say this: I'm not with them.

Anyone who contracts one of us from this company has to be careful they're not taking on a Social-Justice meddler like our HR department employees and like how they want us to behave. If we're minorities, our customers will have to watch out for whether we are self-aware "members of a protected group" (yes, my company uses this very term in internal documents). If a sexual minority, sex may be our identity. So watch out for same-sex harassment. Definitely watch out for those special sick days.

Prospective clients already know this of my company, that they follow the "Human Rights Campaign" and donate to the Left generally, and (by the way) working against the interests of those employees who do their work. I have to report I'm not with them on their high class Marxist ways. Because I don't want clients to pass me over for work, as a possible source of such drama.

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