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Monday, December 19, 2016

How Trump won

It's over, despite Lawrence Lessig the nutty professor, who should just go away now. (He didn't used to be like this.)

Here on planet Earth, Nate Cohn has a sober piece on how you got Trump: part luck, but mostly Trump and his crew being able to read a map. Cohn brings up some historical events too. Like: the Toledo War made Michigan more rural than it "should" be, the decision to stick the Florida Panhandle to the new state of Florida made that one less Spanish-Caribbean than it "should" be, and so on.

And Cohn points out that other historical events have hurt Trump's map. His example is solid West Virginia's separation from divided Virginia. I'd add "Franklin", especially its Civil War incarnation of eastern Tennessee to which we may throw Alabama north of the Tennessee River. The rebel government in western Tennessee lost early; Lincoln could have had the loyal counties organised (from Knoxville I assume) in time for 1864. But he didn't, so no part of Tennessee sent electors to DC that year, and to this day it has meant that Tennessee is now one Trump-voting state and not, as it should be, two.

But however it happened, the map as it exists today was the mutually-agreed game-board, and on that basis Trump beat Clinton.

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